Who am I / How did I get here ?

    I’m 100% from Dublin and lived for a while in the UK and US, before settling in Donegal, a mere 150 miles from home. The direct route would obviously have been quicker, but thankfully life is not straight-forward and predictable.


What do I do ?

    I’m self-taught and prefer to stay in the background, to get a candid shot, rather than a pose. I started off in film photography and learned the joys of Black and White printing while living in New York. The bin was often very full, but it was worth it.
    In recent years, I’ve been very lucky to get the chance to combine a love of live music and photography. I’ve covered numerous events for the Earagail Arts Festival, Regional Cultural Centre, An Grianan Theatre and the Donegal Music Education Partnership. For the last 4 years, I’ve worked with Turning Pirate on their brilliant New Years Eve ‘Mix Tape’ gig in Vicar St, Dublin.

    Through all this, I’ve been privileged to hear a brilliant variety of music from gifted musicians of all ages, styles and nationalities.



    My music photography has been exhibited at the Regional Cultural Centre in 2012 and 2014, in conjunction with the Earagail Arts Festival.


Published Work

    My work has been used in print / CD / online by a variety of organisations and musicians including :-

    • RTE
    • BBC
    • The Irish Times
    • Electric Picnic
    • Music Network Ireland
    • St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Dublin
    • New Years Festival, Dublin
    • Earagail Arts Festival, Donegal
    • Donegal County Council
    • Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny
    • An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny
    • Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey
    • Turning Pirate, Dublin
    • Dublin Gospel Choir
    • Bluegrass Europe
    • Donegal News
    • Sperrins Tourism
    • Sharon Shannon
    • Julie Feeney
    • West Ocean String Quartet
    • Fuzzy Logic Ensemble
    • Gretchen Peters
    • Juliet Turner
    • The Hunger Mountain Boys